At Sugar Plum Tree Preschool Inc., you'll notice a difference in the surroundings as well as in our approach to child care and development. The goal is to create a balanced atmosphere with inviting and stimulating surroundings. We do this for each child by promoting individual learning, engaging in group play, and providing plenty of individual attention. We have a spacious gymnasium as well as an outdoor play area to enhance their gross motor skills. Also, breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack is provided and catered fresh daily from Food2You. Gluten-free and Vegetarian options are available if necessary.

 Gym Stars is provided every Tuesday morning at an additional cost  where the children are given the opportunity to participate in entry level gymnastics. This program will not only improve your child's physical skills but their social and cognitive development skills as well. 

18mos-2.5 years old

Acorns have a 5:1 ratio and can have a total of 15 children with 3 teachers.

 Acorns learn through play while following the Illinois Learning standards. Children are introduced to the alphabet, colors and shapes. 



2.5 years old- 3+ years old

Sprouts have an 8:1 ratio and can have total of 16 children with 2 teachers.

Sprouts utilize structed play while following the Illinois Learning

Standards. Children are introduced to the  calendar, months of the year,

seasons, and identifying numbers and letters. Sprouts also continue to

enhance color and shape recognition. 




3-4 years old

Discovery have a 7.5: 1 ratio and can have a total of 15 children to 2 teachers.

Discovery continues to utilize structured play while adhering to the Illinois Learning standdards. Children are introduced to recognizing, spelling, and tracing their names. Discovery practices letters sounds while enhancing number and letter recognition

4- 5 years old

Koalas have a 10:1 ratio and can have a total of 20 children with 2 teachers.

While following the Illinois Learning Standards, Koalas enhance all skills learned in previous classes to ensure children are prepared to succeed in Kindergarten. Children are introduced to site words , phonics, and much more.